Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

Step on the Path

Imagine it is the year 1863 and you live in a world without pasteurization, the Suez Canal, or a Transcontinental Railroad. Instead, you live in an era where small pox and plague are lethal, wars between major powers are endemic, and the fate of slavery is being decided on the American battlefield.   

To most this is a nightmarish world that we have overcome through humanitarian effort, sound science, and inventive discovery. It is barbaric and cruel and so far beneath our time, that it could even lead to a sense of superiority over the past. 

Now ask yourself, what will those living one hundred and fifty years from now have to say about us?

Welcome to Arcadia.

A world where humanity lives without disease, poverty, crime, or discrimination. It is a world in which humanity has created a  self-sustainable, self-contained, and globally interconnected network of cities that have merged our species into a single culture, identity, and language. Humanity now lives on the Moon and Mars, its scientists look for life on Europa, the entirety of the Sun's energy is ready to be harnessed, and the ability to merge particles of the past with particles of the present has been discovered. Most importantly, it is a world without government, religion, or money. 

It is in this world that acclaimed Arcadian historian Lucius Popillius Priscus, begins an investigation into the truth behind the legends of the epochs known as the Great Crisis, the Great Collapse, and the Great Awakening. On a journey that will span time and space itself, Priscus uncovers the personalities and events that begin when Saudi Arabia announces it can no longer export oil. Global war, political upheaval, crushed alliances, fallen economies, and the end of civil rights and liberties will lead Priscus down a path that will threaten everything he has accomplished and Arcadia itself.

Join Priscus on an epic adventure to uncover how mankind's darkest hour gave way to humanity's brightest era by stepping on The Path to Arcadia.

The Path to Arcadia Series

The Great Crisis

The year is 2030, and the one shred of news the Oil Age can not afford is announced: Peak Oil! The global economy is sent into a tailspin, governments ramp up for war, and the people of the world find themselves staring a quality of living not seen since the Washington Administration directly in the eye. Soldiers come into conflict with their oaths and orders, allies become enemies, and a powerful terrorist organization grows to push civilization over the edge.

The Great Collapse

The marriage of government and the private sector gives rise to the United Empire of America. But this is power in name only as the global infrastructure begins to collapse, poverty reaches staggering heights, and starvation is not far behind. Like a dying star, the conglomerations of public and private desperately hold onto power by becoming ever more brutal and oppressive as rebels, revolutionary and terroristic, march to end the tyranny.

The Great Awakening

The fate of humanity lies in the balance as an unstoppable force meets an object undetermined to be immovable as the Path to Arcadia concludes in epic fashion. Good and evil will be rendered inert, the names and faces of humanity will change, and even the gods will not survive the final battle. But can Arcadia's foundation truly be laid in utter chaos and wanton destruction? More concerning, could the founding of Arcadia be sown in a lie?