Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

TPTA: The Great Crisis

One hundred and fifty years from now, the city of Arcadia stands as the shining jewel of humanity’s genius. Marking a new age in social evolution, Arcadia exists without government, religion, or economics to create a world without poverty, disease, discrimination, crime, war, or injustice. No longer shackled, humanity has founded colonies on the Moon and Mars, sent a scientific team to hunt for life on Europa, begun to collect all of the energy output of the Sun, and started unlocking particle time travel through the use of the Chaos Particle. 

But how did we achieve such heights? 

Join Arcadia University’s Lucius Popillius Priscus as he embarks on an interplanetary journey to discover the truths behind the myths and legends surrounding the events known as the Great Crisis, the Great Collapse, and the Great Awakening.

On February 24, 2030, Saudi Arabia announces that, it can no longer support being an exporter of  Oil. Overnight the threat against the industrial world’s lifeline, sends markets into a tailspin, the first world populace into a panic, and the President of the United States, Charles Oren, on a path America has resisted for centuries. With events moving like a runaway train, a psychopathic conductor known as the Baytown Bomber threatens to derail society with an arsenal of weapons the governments of the world have no defense against. Soldiers come in conflict with their oaths, populations in conflict with their loyalties, and the ideas of freedom and democracy are abandoned.

Welcome to the first minutes of humanity's darkest hour in the Path to Arcadia: The Great Crisis.