Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"


It is the year 6013 BCE.

The earth is enjoying a very warm period of little glaciation and high sea levels known as the Holocene climatic optimum. The land bridge connecting England to continental Europe has disappeared beneath the North Sea and the new English Channel has emerged. 

The Copper Age arrives in the Fertile Crescent and is the first of its type, brick building is taking place in the proto-city of  Çatalhöyük, Turkey, agriculture arrives in the Nile Valley, Africa experiences a cultural boom of metallurgy, aesthetic manufacturing, and burial rites, while wine is being made for the first time in Persia. Human civilization, though not quite there yet, is definitely on its way to becoming the great civilizations of Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, and Sumer.

8,000 light years away, the star Eta Carinae loses its battle with gravity. The fusion reactor within it has reached the limits of its ability and cannot fuse the iron that has been increasingly building within it. Without warning the effects of gravity overwhelm the dying star and crushes all of its mass at one time. What results is the most violent explosion since the beginning of the universe, a supernova!

Gravity literally squeezes the life out of the star forcing the majority of its mass out of its north and south poles in the form of gamma radiation. These gamma ray bursts are sent into space at almost the speed of light and it just so happens that Eta Carinae's south pole is aimed almost directly at this tiny blue ball 8,000 light years away.

Tomorrow the Eastern Hemisphere takes a direct hit. The surface population is mostly incinerated due to the gamma blast and the atmosphere is boiled away. The Western Hemisphere notices instantly for the gamma interactions with the remaining pieces of atmosphere creates photochemical smog in exponential volumes tearing into our structures and our bodies. A month from now cellular regeneration and duplication would cease, your fingernails and hair would no longer grow, reproduction would become impossible, any place without cover would be a sunburning forest, and eventually humanity, as well as all complex life is dying. There would be a mass extinction event and there would be no warning and no defense. An event which took place when humanity was literally laying the first bricks towards civilization would destroy all the accomplishments we have had since. 

The likelihood of this taking place is very low, and Eta Carinae does not seem to have the conditions it would need to create gamma ray bursts when it goes supernova and we are about 2,000 lights outside of the total kill zone if by the small chance it does create gamma ray bursts with Earth in their cross-hairs. 

The point is that while we fight over the illusion, there are real issues and concerns that face us as a species that are pushed aside for problems created by the illusion and therefore could be fixed instantly, relatively speaking. Some we cannot control, others we can only control our preparedness and reaction, while in the case of others we are in control of our own destiny. In this forum you will get a chance to learn and discuss the realities facing our species and our planet beyond the illusion.