Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

The Illusion




These are the forces that make our modern paradigm. 

We think about them and automatically, without question, consideration, or research, understand that these are the institutions which guide our lives and there could be no such thing as civil society without them. It is axiomatic and above reproach. 

Sure we can and should dispute the philosophic politics of communism, fascism, feudalism, republicanism, and democracies; but never do we question the legitimacy of  government itself for we learn early that it is necessary and the only dispute is what form best serves the individual and the society. Since the middle of the 1st Millennium BCE in the Far East and the popularizing of Christianity in the West, religions constantly dispute the validity of each others' dogma, doctrine, and deities, yet most agree that there is a direct intervener in human affairs. Finally economics, money, the ability to have a medium of exchange by which all things are acquired legally, is so incredibly center to our core understandings that it would be hard to imagine a world without it.

There is just one problem...

These, the very foundations of our modern society, are all illusions. 

They exist in no other realm than within our minds.

Now this is not a problem in and unto itself. Symbolism is an illusion and if you were to teach your child how to solve an arithmetic problem by representing the numbers with crayons, you have used a symbol to represent reality. You then apply the symbol back into reality, in this case the arithmetic problem, and the child, now understanding the illusion, applies its lesson learned to reality. It is an illusion that is practical and harmless.

Now imagine that the child never returns to reality and gets lost in the illusion of the symbolic crayons. Though the child will be able to solve that mathematical problem and others, the child no longer sees the numbers but only the crayons. Well what does this mean? The number of colors available to that child (and to the human eye for that matter) are quite limited on the light spectrum let alone when comparing the infinite scale that is the world of numbers. What kind of limits would be placed on that child? What would be the difference in potential between what that child could do without the illusion and what they are imprisoned to because of the illusion?

Now imagine all of humanity being lost inside illusions that were once meant to symbolize a reality but became mistaken for reality. This is a scary proposition. However, the stakes are much higher in this realm, for the illusions of Government, Religion, and Economics were developed in an age without advanced technology and a fraction of the population. This has given us a world where governments have sanctioned weapons of mass destruction existing simultaneously with religious fundamentalists who, with enough money, can purchase and utilize them in an attempt to bring about the end of the world.

But the illusion is much more sinister than this. We watch an entire continent starve due to the exploitation of others with plenty because (and for) the imaginary concept of money. We allow governments with imaginary authority to wage wars across arbitrarily drawn lines in the dirt over land and resources by painting you as us and they as them so they can send you or your children to combat. We accept the belief that you can telepathically conversate with an all powerful being in your head that will instruct you in its will; then turn our noses in disgust when the voice supposedly speaks back and instructs someone to commit a murderous or disastrous act.

But even more devastating than these is something much more insidious. 

From the time Homo Habilis fashioned the first tools to Homo erectus controlling fire, the three naturally evolved gains of our species have been education,  community, and technology. Without community, our ancient ancestors would have never survived against a harsh and dangerous world of disasters and predators. Without technology our species never would have risen to the top of the food chain on planet Earth. And without education our species would have not been able to hold that spot for more than a generation. 

What makes our paradigm's illusions so dangerous is that they fly in the face of these three essential survival tools and natural law (which we will discuss later). Governments create borders and nationalities, Religions create deitial and dogmatic divides, and economics creates gross inequality and classes. All of course breaking down and destroying our communal state. When it comes to technology, economics slow the progress of technology by requiring markets and profit, governments fail to use or misuse technologies they commission, and religion stands in pure opposition of technology. Finally education is propaganda to governments, despised by religion, and only offered as required by economics. 

When you consider that we live in a paradigm that goes against the very strengths that made us the species we are, it is obvious that humanity has a serious problem!

What you will find in the pages ahead, the series within, and the other modes of interaction is a full detailing of the problems we face. But then, through the use of modern science and technology, you will find that we can create a paradigm unlike any other that could have ever been conceived prior to our own time. 

You will come to understand what it means to live without the prisons of




And instead live in a world of





When we choose to give up







The Illusion


Government is a Bronze Age institution brought about to organize people on a massive scale. Stepping out of the Stone Age, humanity needed just such an institution to get civilization going. However, in the Oil Age, Government seeing itself as an entity that is wholly without consequence to any but itself utilized humanity's progress to bring about death and destruction on an industrial scale. 

Thrives on: Sovereignty and Scarcity 


Religion is a Stone Age institution originally designed to explain the world around us. From an anthropological standpoint, religion is the precursor of philosophy and science. In the Oil Age, however, religion now serves only as a handicap to our species. On the one hand religion is willing to stand in the way of progress while using the technology from that progress to enforce its need to remain relevant. 

Thrives on: Slavery and  Sovereignty


Economics was a 19th Century consolidation of two bronze age innovations: currency and slavery. Under Economics slaves once housed and fed by their master now needed to feed and house themselves. Economics remains one of the largest anchors drowning humanity by passing an illusion as reality and forcing all others, to include technological progression, to be stymied. 

Thrives on: Scarcity and Slavery