Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

Health: Mind and Body

Who am I?

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." 

- Carl Jung

Understanding one's self allows one to understand their greater place in the whole. It can help you establish your role within life, a career, or a movement. Does this pigeon hole a person? Of course not. What would biology be if cells failed to have direction or specific purpose? It is only when we begin to understand who we are that we are liberated from what society tells us to be. It is such point when we can embrace our true beneficial uniqueness and cast aside old destructive norms. By understanding yourself Religion can no longer tell you who to be, Government can no longer tell you what to be, and you will revile Economics for limiting how you can be. Understanding self is the first reality you can plant against the illusions.

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The human body, as well as the physiology of all living creatures, was design to handle acute stress (ie. predator or prey arrive, adrenaline releases, escape or capture, adrenaline dissipates). In modern society, however, the illusion has produced a construct in which human beings are constantly under stress with work, debt, and commitments. While it may seem petty to some, the central nervous system was not designed to have constant pressure placed on it and can have negative ramifications to your health. 

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