Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"


A man pulls into the parking lot of a hotel that is in a town under serious financial constraints. No one seems to have any money and everyone seems to owe someone else. The arrival of this man in town is great news and he is greeted with a smile by the Concierge.

The man places a $100 bill on the desk and tells the concierge that he needs a room for the night but that he would like to see the room before he decided to stay. The concierge assures the man that he will absolutely love staying in the hotel and calls a bellhop over to give the man a tour of the hotel. 

Certain the man will stay, the concierge grabs the $100 bill and jets out of the hotel. 

The Concierge arrives at the Butcher's and hands the Butcher the $100 bill because the Butcher had loaned the hotel meat for their Spring opening barbecue. The Butcher then takes the $100 bill and runs to the Grocer and hands the Grocer $100 for rented space in the grocery that made the hotel want to use the Butcher's meat. The Grocer runs from the grocery store to the Bakery and hands the Baker the $100 bill because the reason that the Grocer was able to rent space to the Butcher was because the Baker had decided to sell the Bakery's winning cupcakes at the city competition this year. The Baker then runs to the Mayor's Office and hands the $100 bill to the Mayor, as this was the deal that was struck in order for the Mayor to declare the Bakery's cupcakes best in town. The Mayor, now with $100 off the books, heads to Peggy Sue's house and hands her the $100 bill for "services rendered." Peggy Sue then takes the $100 bill and runs to the hotel, because services have to be rendered somewhere, and hands the Concierge the $100 bill paying off her outstanding room rental.

Several minutes later, the Bellhop and the Man return from their tour of the hotel. The Concierge smiles and and asks the Man how he liked the rooms. The man expresses that he was not impressed and would seek shelter further up the road.

The Man takes the $100 bill, gets into his car, and leaves town.


The most ridiculous idea humanity has ever allowed itself to be controlled by.

And while the above scenario is ridiculous in and unto itself, the monetary system, once examined, takes on a horrifyingly sinister form. 

It is a system that makes starvation, poverty, and warfare endemic. It is a model that has turned the honorable occupations of teaching and medicine and into untrustworthy bureaucratic nightmares. You cannot trust a teacher's devotion to your child when that teacher might simply be there for a paycheck. Do you actually need this drug or operation or does your doctor need to make a payment on their boat? Moreover, the monetary system has glorified the make nothing/contribute nothing occupations of lawyers, stockbrokers, and reality TV casts. The talented get left behind for the connected, needy get left for heredity, and families will rip themselves apart over it. 

The love of money is not the root of all evil... MONEY is the root of these evils!