Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

We need your help!

There is something decisively hypocritical about an organization decreeing the evils of economics and calling for the end of the monetary system asking for donations. You can believe that that irony is not lost on us. Up until now, Society is an Illusion has been privately funded by the modest means of those involved with its production. And unfortunately this method is entirely unsustainable.

However, until the day comes, when our species matures and casts off its own self-imposed enslaving institutions, we must play by this paradigm's rules in order to continue to press the message and educate the masses. 

And so, if you like what you see, believe in our message, and wish to create a world where a page like this is never needed again, we ask that you make a donation, no matter how big or small. Just $1 enables us to advertise on Facebook for an entire day, $3s allows for Twitter advertising, $15.00 pays for a month of web hosting, and $1 million dollars enables the staff to quit their jobs and devote full-time efforts to creating more educational and dynamic content in all of your media here and elsewhere on the web (you know, if you have that kind of money just laying around somewhere). 

You can support us on Patreon and get the latest updates on our YouTube Channel and progress on the Path to Arcadia Series (including a sneak peak if you support us). Or you can use your Paypal account to make your donation by clicking the "Donate" link below.

We thank you for joining us, thank you for your support, thank you for your likes, shares, and views, and thank you for your donations.

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