Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

Whether it is JFK, 9/11, UFOs, AIDS, the Bilderbergs, Masons, Illuminati, Skulls and Bones, faked Lunar landings, weather controlling weapons, and extraterrestrial reptiles posing as Kenyan born US presidents establishing a new world order; conspiracy theories take all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are the harmless rantings of the paranoid and cynical. Sometimes they inspire indoctrinating cults and terrorists actions. Unfortunately all the time they clog the ether for actual facts about government misconduct serving only to cover up the misconducts of the governments they despise.

However, this does not mean that every conspiracy is simply theory.

Over the decades through declassified information and emergent evidence, various plots by major governments and agencies have been revealed to be solid, recorded, fact. It is here that we pull back the curtain on plots and schemes that directly targeted citizens of the host nations governments. 

So step up, hunker down, and mold your tin foil hat to its maximum comfort and learn how reptilian pod people are the least of your concerns.