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Conservatives: Did you keep your receipt?

Posted on November 25, 2013 at 6:40 PM


From Target, to Wal-Mart, to McDonalds to your local mall, the holiday known as Thanksgiving in America, is under attack from lassiez faire capitalism. The reason for this is simple: unless you are a grocery store, traditionally there is no way to make money directly from the holiday. It is, in many respects, the last pure holiday. Federal holidays are hijacked by red tag sales, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas are major commercial money makers, and New Year’s and Superbowl Sunday are booze and food goliaths. Days that can't be capitalized on, such as Veteran's Day and Patriot's Day are marginalized and bypassed as quickly as possible. But Thanksgiving was different. Shrouded in tradition, history, and family, Thanksgiving was something all America had in common, and the people seemed reluctant to let the holiday go. That is until about a decade ago, when government and corporate corruption became so endemic that the citizen was drafted into the all-time consumer distraction ranks. At that point, Black Friday started earlier and earlier, until corporations decided to skip waiting until Black Friday altogether and start right after the dishes hit the sink from dinner.

But why are the Conservatives so upset over the end of Thanksgiving?

Conservatives that have issues with the end of Thanksgiving are like the cast of the Jersey Shore protesting reality TV on their Reality TV show. I get the fact that you are upset that a "pure" holiday has been raped and plundered since it couldn't be exploited, but isn't that capitalism? Isn't squeezing every ounce of wealth out of every opportunity the very definition of Capitalism? Isn't the market the Almighty dictator of what is worth doing and what is not worth pursuing? So why then, when capitalism claims its most recent victim, Thanksgiving, are conservatives up in arms over the market deciding to skip over the last bit of traditional purity America still had left?

If you religiously chant CAPITALISM CAPITALISM CAPITALISM all year long as if it were a nervous tick you can't fight off, you have no right to complain when a holiday becomes a victim of capitalism (which is a small victim when you consider that the Wall Street debacle, the Iraq War, and the current plight of Africa, can all be laid at the feet of capitalistic ideology). If you preach the mantras of no food stamps, no day care, no school lunch, no welfare, no governmental social programs, no international aid, no education assistance, and no free medical care, you can't complain about the death of a holiday. If you describe capitalism as an insatiable monster, back it anyway, and then get upset when capitalists do something capitalistic; you are a hypocrite. Especially if you try to lay the blame of this on the shoppers themselves.

Here's a thought, conservatives that back a cannibalistic system that has become a runaway freight train of corruption and public abuse (which is ALWAYS what capitalism becomes without government regulations), YOU are the problem! Capitalism doesn't care about your precious traditions and touted holidays. It cares for one thing... the bottom line. So perhaps you should revisit the economic system you love so much before laying the destruction of the holiday on the shoulders of the shoppers...

But they are not without their guilt...

If you shop on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other day your Corporate masters crack their whips and dangle their carrots and you blindly go out and spend money you don't have on things you don't need, to make people you don't like richer then you'll ever be... you're not a problem, you are a lemming. If these corporations can offer these prices on one day, they can offer them every day and by pathetically lining outside your local mall, Target, or Wal-Mart right after familial dinner or at 2am the next day, you merely reinforced just how easily enslaved you really are.

So what are your thoughts? Do Conservative get to keep their ideology and get to complain about the death of Thanksgiving? Will you be trolling the malls and stores on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

Comment below and let us know!

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