Society is an Illusion 

"If society is an illusion, let us create a hallucination that's 
worth dreaming about"

Society is an Illusion focuses on the three aspects of human existence that have been the cornerstone of humanity's rise to the top of the food chain: Community, Technology, and Education. 

Unfortunately, we also recognize that the human illusions of government, religion, and economics, while needed when invented during the Bronze Age, have become handicaps and harmful to our species and our planet in a post industrial age. We now know that the Illusion works in opposition to scientific and universal laws as all three break our sense of community and stand in the way of education and technology. 

But now that we know this, we can change this...

Through education, community, and technology, Society is an Illusion seeks to eventually eliminate the need for government, religion, and economics, to create an illusion that is not only in sync with our understanding of science but is one that is worth living in by all of humanity. 

The clock is ticking...

Will you choose to stay in the Illusion for perceived safety and ultimate destruction?


Will you step on the path that will lead humanity towards fulling its potential to live amongst the stars?

Stay in the Illusion

Step on the Path